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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

To My Muslimahs,

I was just wondering what are some of the stupidest things people have asked you about your Hijab? Some people make me so upset with their ignorance. You would think in this day and time that educated people would know better; but they don't. I mean some people ask ignorant questions but some are curious and some are funny. Well I am going to share a few things that people have actually asked me;

First Question: Are you hot in that thing?
Like in 90 to 95 degrees weather they are not hot. Duh...Actually I am slight bit cooler because the sun is not directly on my back, legs, belly and half my rear. But OfCourse I am polite and just say NO.

Okay and my second favorite: Do you eveeer take that off your head?
First thing that comes to mind is Forever, ever. LOL. Again, I'd like to say I would be very funky if I did not atleast take it to wash it or me but instead I bite my tongue

My worst: Is there anything ticking under there? I said WHAT. I guess that and the look on my face made him walk quickly away.

But the most Funniest I ever got is when an old man came to me in a department store ask me if I just wash my hair because I had a scarf on. The funny part is that grampa was sincere. You all ways tell people are sincere or just ignorant. The reason he approach me was I was standing near the door and it was cold outside. And thought I would catch a draft with my hair all wet. LOL.

So I encourage you to post your worst, best, or funniest. Include your responses and your feeling.
Peace Sisters