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Friday, January 04, 2008

Well I have been gone for a minute or so. I forgot my password so I didn't bother for a while and then it just came to me. I have been working on a new clothing website (for us fashionable muslimah). Working on some poetry and etc. My new venture is I would like to work on some children books. I have a daughter who is almost seven and loves the cheetah girls and Cinderella stories. So I would like to write about some young Muslim girls doing interesting things or a Muslim princess kind of story. I am sorry but don't comment and tell me there's Jasmine from Disney. The girl wears no scarf and her belly is hanging out. That's attractive to little girls and with all the other things out there it's hard finding something Islamic that she would love the same way. Although I embrace the hijab and love wearing it. My daughter who is only six does not wear it now (she does not have to right now) but being the only Muslim in her school covered does not appeal to her. There are a few other Muslims but they do not cover and neither do their parents. Where I grew up I would always see plenty of Muslims in passing, in my school, on there train. I mean I lived in New York City where there was a vast amount of cultures so no one really stared at me weird. Except during traveling times (rest stops) I will blog on that later.If there are any other Muslim parents dealing with the same issues hit me up. I would love to hear your suggestions